Web Applications

The below demonstrates some of my work building tools for better decision making around land and livestock management

NRCS EQIP Practice Analysis

As part of my thesis analyzing the relationship between conservation program enrollment and drought, I developed a tool to visualize the use of federally funded conservation practices across the U.S.. This is the largest known database of conservation practice implementation in the U.S.

Rangeland Carrying Capacity Tool

This is a live application that allows for a rapid assessment of the carrying capacity of a pasture or pastures. This web-based app lets you import a map of your pastures or create one and then uses the power of google earth engine, python, and R to calculate estimates carrying capacity of livestock for each pasture as well as gather weather and drought data. It also allows for updating these estimates if they do not reflect on the ground measurements. 

(No longer maintained)
Up-To-Date Cattle Prices 

This App scrapes the most recent data from the Livestock Marketing Information center and compiles a chart of prices that can be broken up by state, cattle class, and dates. You can adjust for inflation, or see a map of prices in different states.


The below gives a brief overview of some select projects from the past few years

Masters Thesis

Drought & Conservation: Exploring the Relationship Between Drought and Grazing Land Conservation Program Enrollment

Hedonic Price Analysis of Soil Organic Carbon in Weld County, CO

A common methodology in applied economics, this project researched the implicit prices of soil organic carbon in agricultural land in Weld County.

Gather Soil Organic Carbon Estimates for a Cattle Ranch

This project took the 33 ranch in South Dakota and ran an analysis of Soil Organic Carbon from the gSSURGO database

Find all livestock Sale Barn locations in the U.S. 

Ran an analysis of all known sale barn locations through google maps API to recover their exact locations, and then compiled a map of the results


the below provides some examples of the education and content media I have produced in the natural resource, agricultural economics, and regenerative agricultural sectors

Agricultural Budgeting Workshop

Regenerative Agriculture Writing
Multi-Year Biomass Research Project Publication
Cropland Broken Down By State
The Ecosystem Services of Farmland
US Farmland Prices By State
FarmTogether Blog Writing